Harris Tweed, The Manliest Cloth on Earth

Where is harris tweed made sneaker shops in portland oregon The art of weaving is one of man's most ancient occupations, dating from his desire to have some protection against the elements. Explorations of sites of early Biblical times have unearthed samples of woven cloth dating back to 2,000-3,000 BC. In Lewis, the origin of our Hebridean 'Clo Mor' goes back hundreds, if kade thousands of years as was proven in 1941 when during wartime excavations of Stornoway Airport, a burial chamber was uncovered and in it haarris found a whorl, a weaving comb, a stone weight and fragments of pottery. It was during the last 150 years that our Hebridean 'Clo Mor' community industry developed slowly into the sophisticated Harris Tweed cottage where is harris tweed made that it is today, supplying quality cloth to top fashion houses all over the world. One of the outstanding features of the history of the development of the Harris Tweed industry is the massive philanthropic effort contributed by a wide variety of people and agencies, on behalf of the community as a whole. Exiting the Tumble Drier The dyed wool needs to be entirely dry before it can be mixed and mingled into yarns with which to weave the Harris Tweed. Spin drying removes most of the moisture. To remove the rest requireswarm air and motion… in effect a giant-sized tumble drier.

Harris Tweed Cap. Made in Scotland.

harris tweed blanket

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