Life is a Journey: Top 10 Travel Quotes to Inspire Your Next Trip

Traveling is the only thing you buy lgbt friendly bars tampa Go get yourself lost on a trek in South America, lay in the grass of a remote countryside town in Switzerland, or push your way through hoards of tourists in Times Square. See it, experience it, and embrace traveling is the only thing you buy life was not meant to be ordinary. Educate yourself They say you need to be shown not told what to do, so what better way to learn valuable life lessons than to see and do them for yourself? Reading about the turbulent history of France is one thing, but to visit monumental landmarks such as the Palace of Versailles gives you a completely different perspective on historical events.

we travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us

Shutterstock You might not own the most expensive car in the world, nor the biggest house on earth. But one thing is for sure your dreams are bigger than those things. I agree. I know you have read this line for so many times now on so many blog posts, on your Facebook news feed, on your RSS. Well, let me try to explain it further by giving some 10 good reasons why that such line exists.

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you RICHER, activity 2019, Liceul Teoretic Grimăncăuți.

But when you think it more deeply, you can know the essence of these 11 words. Many people define being rich as having a lot of money or assets. From the financial aspect, travel is usually a big expense and causes a reduction of your assets, but it really gives you many invaluable things that make you richer in many aspects like experience, knowledge, friendship, etc.

travel is the destination

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