Every Single Taylor Swift Song, Ranked

Taylor swift songs ranked lauren sanchez bezos pictures Outside of her latest political endeavours, or her longstanding feud with Kanye West, her six studio albums have given her a seat at the pop-star table. These albums, like most other artists, represent phases in taylor swift songs ranked life and career. While some are impactful, upbeat extended plays, others fall in line just as time fillers.

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The superstar has certainly secured her reputation as an accomplished songwriter and outstanding entertainer, as well as a record-breaker and someone capable of bringing forth change to impact the music industry and beyond. Any card-carrying Swiftie knows that Taylor is expressive of her life through her music, and in a recent essay penned by Swift for Elle , she explains how certain songs can take you back in time to certain memories — something that her own music certainly does for her fans myself included. She wrote, "I think that the way music can transport you back to a long forgotten memory is the closest sensation we have to traveling in time. With her seventh full-length studio album on the way, below we are ranking every single Taylor has released a difficult task as it is like ranking your friends.

Taylor Swift's Reputation - EVERY SONG RANKED

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