How to: Painting the stone fireplace white

Painting stone fireplace white how to play it cool with a girl reddit Andee Prater July 15, 2016 at 10.16 pm I would also love to know if you mixed the gray and tan paint! Reply Linda G July 21, 2016 at 2.56 am Love the rock fireplace painted. I just did mine. Turned out so great. Painting stone fireplace white white and pure white wash.

how to whitewash stone fireplace

By Emma Chapman You might have seen me sharing some about this on my personal IG last month—we painted our stone fireplace white. And spoiler. I love it! So why did it take me this long? Above you can see how our fireplace and this room looked when we moved in. The stone had actually been painted white before and the previous owner had painted it this kind of faux stone look.

BYOT #5 - DIY: Fireplace Refinishing

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white painted stone exterior

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How to Whitewash Fireplace Stone

painting faux stone fireplace

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