How to Become a Food Vendor in Massachusetts

License to sell food in massachusetts girl thinks i m obsessed with her If you want to sell kassachusetts dogs in Boston, for example, you deal with Boston food cart rules, not Massachusetts hot-dog cart regulations. Your business will need a Massachusetts Hawker and Peddler License, though. What Type of Vendor? Before applying for a food vendor license in Massachusetts, you'll need to decide what you're going to serve and how. This affects the regulations you have to deal with. Boston has different rules for pushcarts, food trucks and ice cream trucks for instance, while other license to sell food in massachusetts treat ice cream vendors as just another food truck.

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This depends on what type of food items you want to prepare and where you intend to sell them. In general, only Non-Potentially Hazardous foods may be prepared, and the food produced may only be sold at retail by the producer of the food. If the food products you wish to produce are potentially hazardous, then a Commercial Kitchen Permit is required. Please contact the Health Division to discuss this in more detail; it may be easier to join a food incubator or shared commercial kitchen rather than building out your own commercial kitchen. If you wish to apply for a Residential Retail Kitchen, complete the Residential Retail Kitchen Application, Form G3 PDF and submit the application with a detailed list of your proposed food products along with sample labels for each food product.

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