YouTuber Shane Dawson Has Had a Controversy of His Own

Jacob yaw shane dawson brother dating format message 2017 Despite having a rough childhood and growing up under an abusive father, Dawson rose to become a household name in the entertainment industry. Beyond his activities on the internet, Shane, who rose to prominence as a result of his presence in the showbiz circle, banks as a singer, songwriter, film director, and actor. It is jacob yaw shane dawson brother in the same city that he was raised up along with his older brothers, Jacob and Jerid Yaw. By Anna Quintana Updated 9 months ago Nobody's perfect. But when you put your entire life on the internet like today's social media influencers, you are more likely to find yourself in a controversy or two — and YouTuber Shane Dawson is no exception. And we don't blame them.


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Meeting Jerid Dawson at YouTour 2011

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