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Intraocular lens injector ancient indian history one liners In addition to the inconvenience and potential complications associated with loading the IOL, those skilled in the art will appreciate that another concern with these systems is that the lens contacting plunger must be carefully cleaned before reuse, to avoid contamination of the IOL. Embodiments of the present invention include an intraocular lens injector cartridge tarek el moussa instagram configured for removably mating with an injector handpiece. The cartridge injeftor intraocular lens injector pre-loaded with an intraocular lens, and has injecor flexibility to be attached to a manual or automated injector. The cartridge assembly includes a lens-contacting plunger rod built into the cartridge, so that a moveable rod from the handheld-injector device engages the lens-contacting plunger rod, which in intraocular lens injector advances and ejects the lens. Because the cartridge and lens contacting plunger are provided as a single, disposable unit, and intraocular lens injector the rod of the re-usable injector device never makes contact with the IOL, the likelihood of contamination is reduced over that which might occur with reusable lens-contacting plungers.

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Osher, M. Clear corneal incisions, microincisions, and foldable intraocular lenses IOLs have allowed ophthalmologists to perform minimally invasive cataract surgery, reducing the potential for astigmatism and optimizing visual quality in refractive lens exchange. The quest to maximally reduce incision size, however, has not come without a fair share of trouble. Harsum in the journal Eye online in February 2009, is intriguing. Fortunately, technological innovation has allowed ophthalmologists to move away from hexagonal injectors and embrace oval injectors instead, which appear to have eliminated many of these problems.

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How to load a single-piece Acrylic IOL into the injector for cataract surgery

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