What Is Gross Profit Margin?

Gross profit margin meaning how to use high there app By Rosemary Peavler Updated February 02, 2019 Gross profit margin is a financial calculation martin can tell you, in percentage terms, a good deal about a company's overall financial health. It reveals how much money is left over after paying for production to cover operations, expansion, debt repayment, and many other gross profit margin meaning expenses. A gross profit margin meaning gross profit represents the revenue dollars remaining after deducting all costs relating to the sale of those goods. It's the numerator in the gross profit margin equation, while the denominator is the revenue from sales minus the cost of goods sold.

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Gross profit is equal to net sales revenue minus the cost of goods sold. Net sales is equal to gross revenue minus returns, allowances, and discounts. Divide gross profit by net sales to find the gross profit margin in percentage terms.

Gross Margin and Operating Margin explained

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By Joshua Kennon Updated January 07, 2019 At its core, the gross profit margin measures a company's manufacturing or production process efficiency. Any money left over goes to pay selling, general, and administrative expenses such as salaries, research and development , and marketing, which appear further down the income statement. All else equal, the higher the gross profit margin, the better. An Important Measurement Metric The gross margin serves as an especially important assessment metric within industries and sectors because it allows for a better apples-to-apples comparison among competitors.

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Gross Profit and Gross Profit Margin

What is GROSS MARGIN? What does GROSS MARGIN mean? GROSS MARGIN meaning, definition & explanation

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