19 Tweets That Will Make Geminis Laugh Harder Than They Should

Gemini memes buzzfeed whitney houston death scene My curmudgeonly twin points out that astrology is fake. Seemingly every cool-girl online gemini memes buzzfeed — including LennyBustleBroadlyGirlboss and The Cut — features its own astrology column. And a new set of internet-famous gurus are on the rise. Chani Nicholas — a kind of social-justice astrologer — has amassed a following with her chicly appointed newsletter, Twitter feed of self-help one-liners, and Instagram account where gemini memes buzzfeed shares empathic memes. Blah blah blah?

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By Bibi Deitz July 7 2015 "What's your sign, baby? In this highly technological time, when there's a niche dating site for just about every possible fixation and fancy, it can be tempting to go back to basics — namely, return to the idea that specific signs have particular characteristics associated with them. For the sketchy guy at the bar, this meant waxing annoying poetic about the certainty of a love connection between, like, Aquarius and Gemini.

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This is a harder experience at 28 than it was when I did my last move at 17. Some people make friends not by attacking new people into submission but by having dinner with them. There has to be a way for me to pinpoint their weaknesses and strong-arm them into a friendship so that I have someone to hang out with the next time I want to watch a Raptors game. Once a year? In terms of personally attacking my friends — or, as it were, my potential friends — nothing has been a more useful tool than Co—Star , the astrology app that creates a detailed chart for you based on your birthday, time of birth, and birth location.

Women Get Styled Based On Their Astrological Charts

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Элли не могла ничего сказать. Голова ее кружилась.

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