Drunk on His Own Notoriety

French gangster film mesrine dating a jazz musician Depending on your predilection for criminal glamour, Mesrine is either a vicious gangster or a folk hero. The film arrives in the UK with something of a reputation as the Gallic Godfather, which is of course nonsense. French gangster film mesrine was a murderer, bank robber, kidnapper and wife-beating racist. Battered American pulp and dapper French suavity combined to produce a new strain of tough guy. he might well shoot you in the kneecaps, but at least he'd look like the cat's pyjamas while he was doing it. This phenomenon can be summed up neatly in three words. Alain Delon's macintosh. That hybrid of the cool and the crumpled is rather undermined in Mesrine. Killer Instinct, a punchy new film about the prolific criminal Jacques Mesrine.

Mesrine: Public Enemy No. 1 - Official Trailer

His bold choice of roles throughout his career and the fearless way in which he inhabits his characters made him the perfect choice. The actor who garnered international acclaim as a Russian thug in Eastern Promises told us what he did to prepare for the physically demanding role, how it took seven years to get the film made, and why he considers Mesrine a wannabe who became what he wanted to be. Q. What was it like playing such an iconic, larger than life character and what attracted you to the role? VC. Well that was what attracted me at first, I have to say. I was around 12 or 13.

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