Here’s how boyfriend Paul Prenter betrayed Queen’s lead singer Freddie Mercury

Freddie mercury paul prenter interview lili solares wiki In the movie Paul Prenter is played by Allen Leech. Here is a rare interview Paul Prenter did in Munich 1984 prior freddie mercury paul prenter interview the Queen concert at the Olympiahalle. In real life, Prenter was a radio Freddie mercury paul prenter interview from Belfast, Northern Ireland who eventually met and became involved — both personally and professionally — with Mercury. Prenter first met Mercury interivew a bar in 1975, according to The Belfast Telegraph, and then became his manager in 1977. At some point during this time, Prenter and Mercury had a sexual relationship — which is something Prenter later allegedly used to blackmail Mercury, who wasn't technically out of the closet at the time.

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Nov 1 2018 20th Century Fox Bohemian Rhapsody largely functions as a biopic about the legendary Queen frontman Freddie Mercury , but it's also a major Hollywood motion picture. With that being the case, the film predictably takes some liberties with the truth in order to make Mercury's life story more dramatic and, well, more like a movie, and that includes the casting of a villain. That role is largely filled by Paul Prenter Allen Leech in the movie, as the singer's former manager is not presented in the best light.

Freddie Mercury and 'the enabler' Paul Prenter

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