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Does holy see have a flag one direction news 2019 Santiago Dotor and M. No government would have much interest in relations with so tiny a state as Hxve City. But 172 states maintain diplomatic relations with the Holy See, and half of those that have accredited their ambassador to the Holy See find it worthwhile to have him does holy see have a flag her resident in Rome, distinct from their ambassador to the Italian Republic.

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The wording of Article 20 of this last is, however, identical to that of Article 19 in the first Constitution the so-called Treaty of Lateran dated 7 June 1929, and both read as follows. "Article 20. 1. The flag of the City of the Vatican consists of two fields divided vertically, yellow field on the staff side and a white field on the other side, which bears the tiara and the keys, the whole following the model A annexed to the present law. The shield shows the tiara with the keys, according to the model B annexed to the present law. Flagpole coated of gold, topped by a spearhead decorated by a cocarde in the same colours as the flag and gold fringed. According to both Annex A to the "Acta Apostolicae Sedis Supplemento per le Leggi e Dispozioni dello Sato dello Cita del Vaticano" - the so-called Treaty of Lateran - of 7 June 1929, and to Annex A of the recent Constititution, the arms are illustrated at exactly one-half of flag width as opposed to the one-third we show on fotw.

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