NFL Star DeAndre Hopkins: ‘I Have An UnBreakable Relationship With My Mom’

Deandre hopkins mom age pure derek hough instagram Here, the pair attends the NFL draft on April 26, 2013. When Hopkins was a baby, his father died in a car accident, leaving his mother, Sabrina Greenlee, deandre hopkins mom age raise him and his siblings alone. Still, Greenlee was determined to give her children the best life she could.

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She and her family have endured tragedies, but now, "We are free of that. Most of its damage has been repaired by the great-uncle he calls dad. Hopkins walks past without acknowledging it, instead pointing out a fig tree he ate from and the bright pink azaleas that were his great-great-grandmother's favorite flower. He says hello to a pit bull named Cooley, tied to a fence near the garden. It's Cooley's job to guard the broccoli, bell peppers and cabbage growing there.

The 53: DeAndre Hopkins

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DeAndre Hopkins understands this. The athlete gave up his senior year of a stellar college football to participate in the 2013 NFL draft.

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