History of the Coca-Cola Logo Design

Dating coca cola logos kassem g transformers Whether written in a serif font, script or a completely different language, there is no mistaking the read article and feel of that logo. While dating coca cola logos has morphed into various iterations throughout its lifetime, there is a classic quality http://hippopota.me/surgut-chat-znakomstv/which-anime-girl-likes-you.php this logo that has never gone away, a timeless trait which has no doubt helped the company build the global brand recognized by dating coca cola logos today. The story of this famous logo begins in Atlanta, Georgia. John Pemberton had just perfected the final recipe for the soft drink in his backyard. Unsure what he should call the new concoction, Pemberton was in a bit of a jam.

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As part of a retrospective of one of the world's most famous brand identities, a very unusual version of the Coca-Cola logo was dug up... Shares Coca-Cola is often held up as the epitome of branding, yet its logotype seems to break many of the rules of identity design. Based on Spencerian script - a 19th century form of handwriting - it is fussy, detailed and anything but simple. However it is balanced and has plenty of charm. As designers seem to have rediscovered over the last decade, hand-rendered script brings a human quality to any piece of work.

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Coca Cola Logo

The Logo History and Evolution of Coke, Sprite, and Fanta

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