How people are using LinkedIn to hook up with old work crushes

Crush added me on linkedin printable fun couples quizzes Would Kelly and Ryan have matched on Tinder? Would Schrute Farms be on UberEats? Would Jim have crept on Pam's LinkedIn? When crushing on a coworker, it can hard to navigate what's work appropriate. For example, is LinkedIn flirting real?

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How people are using LinkedIn to hook up with old work crushes But beware. it can seriously damage your career when things go wrong. For a growing number of users, it's the new Tinder, with a request to connect becoming the new swipe right. And yes, you can moan to each other about Tony in accounts. However, in a lot of companies, relationships between workmates are frowned upon. Imagine having to let HR know every time you want to go for a coffee.

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Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It?

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