Lea Michele Shares Poignant Quote on Anniversary of Cory Monteith's Death

Cory monteith death news speed dating richmond indiana An autopsy, which found he died of a drugs overdose, cory monteith death news traces of morphine, codeine and heroin in his system. One point of strength for the actor was his girlfriend and co-star Lea Michele. Monteith was said to return to his hometown often, and surrounded himself with friends who fueled his addiction. Drugs and alcohol were reportedly "always involved. One source of strength for the actor was his girlfriend and costar Lea Michele.

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Psychic talked to dead cory monteith Drugs, drug paraphernalia and alcohol were found in his luxury hotel room. Family, fans, and friends of Glees Cory Monteith are in mourning following the actors sudden, shocking death at age 31 on Saturday, July 13. Hollywood is mourning a young rising star after the tragic news of his death.

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Николь молчала несколько секунд, рассеянно ощупывая красный шарик возле себя (Ричард сказал, что он изображает звезду Эпсилон Индейца).

Last Video of Cory Monteith before his Death

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