Teen Wolf's Cody Christian Lands New Movie Role

Cody christian full movies tandem software wiki And when Aria and Emily followed him to a diner outside of Rosewood, we cody christian full movies that Mike was meeting with Cyrus Petrillo. Yes, Ali's fake kidnapper Cyrus. Perhaps even more troubling, Mike handed Cyrus an envelope -- and we think it contained the Liars' blood. Are Mike and Cyrus working for "A?

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BELLO went one-on-one with Cody during his recent photo shoot at our studio, and he opened up about why he thinks TEEN WOLF became such a huge hit, what keeps him motivated as an actor, and the secrets behind how he stays in such impressive shape. CODY. I wish I could say it was an overwhelming feeling, but when I first auditioned for Theo, the character was supposed to be in-and-out in three episodes. My team and I went for it because it fit perfectly into my schedule. So when I first got the news, we celebrated of course — you have to celebrate the little wins in an industry like this — but then the character started to blossom. Then three episodes turned into thirty, and two and a half years of my life.

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Cody Christian - Body Of Proof. (1/6)

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-Cody Christian- thanks for Theo Raeken(and Maleo)5x01-5x20

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