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Chinatown library chicago hours boardwalk empire nelson and lucy Is any city doing public housing right these days? I recently visited three sites that the Chicago Housing Authority has just or nearly completed. These small, community-enhancing, public-private ventures, built swiftly and well, are the opposite of Cabrini-Green and Robert Taylor.

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The West Loop Branch library is named after its location in the city's West Loop neighbourhood — a former industrial area that is now brimming with residential towers, office buildings, restaurants and shops — and marks the first public library in the area. Encompassing 16,500 square feet 1,533 square metres , SOM 's library occupies two conjoined structures that formerly housed television studios and offices. The brick structures were part of the campus for Harpo Studios, the multimedia production company started by celebrity, and Chicago local, Oprah Winfrey. The company moved to West Hollywood in 2015. One structure dates to 1945, while the other is believed to have been built in the 1920s.

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YOUmedia at the Chicago Public Library

Chinatown Library wins design award

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