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Brass plating in bangalore you aren' Being an innovation driven company, we constantly develop new products and processes which are customer-ready! We value our association playing our suppliers, customers and partners and would like to grow together. We are ISO certified and follow systems and procedures which ensure that we deliver brass plating in bangalore quality products and services to our customers. Feel free to get in touch with us source any technical difficulty that you might have and we will help you. Subramanian is a world expert on precious metal plating and refining, coating technologies and specialty chemical solutions.

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Is a business to business electroplating company. We are focused on plating of small to medium sized parts for technical and performance-oriented applications. The industries we serve include, but are not limited to. Defence, Aerospace and Astrospace, Electronics, Telecommunications, Medicine, Orthodontic, Currency counting machines and Computing. Our strength is the plating of small medium-sized parts, and delicate items.

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Chrome Plating Process - hippopota.me - Plating Dept

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