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Black widow clone 616 hanoi nightlife clubs In order to combat this phenomenon and bring in new readers, comic book companies have had to master the reboot. They started fresh. Marvel, though, has looked to soft reboots to black widow clone 616 many of their problems.

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Copy Link Copied 20 She destroyed Hawkeye's family Hawkeye and Black Widow have a long, painful history in the comics that seems to mostly revolve around Widow deceiving ol' Clint Barton. As shown above, this was their dynamic from early on in the comics, but things took a gruesome turn in the more modern Ultimates storyline, which found an alternate universe Widow betray their friendship in the worst way possible. But it quickly turns out to have been infiltrated by a traitor-- who could it be? Spoilers. It was Black Widow all along! Black Widow from the Ultimates universe is a much more ruthless, manipulative, and violent version, and this manifests in the most painful way possible for Clint. she leads a black ops team that terminates his entire family.

15 Fan Theories About Black Widow's Marvel Phase 4 Movie

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What Tony Stark And Black Widow's Final Words Really Mean In Avengers Endgame

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