Which Infield Position Is Right For You?

Best positions to play in softball dating in the early 1800s There are usually nine players on the field at a time taking a defensive position. In some leagues at the younger ages, usually at younger than 10 years old, they may allow a tenth defensive player. If two teams are very evenly matched, what could very well determine who wins best positions to play in softball come down to how you defend against what the other team is trying to do. This is where the strategy of fastpitch softball comes in.

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Good spouses. Right fielders? Deep thinkers. Second basemen? Short and angry.

Shit Softball Players Say

June 3, 2015 Featured , News To the untrained eye, every infield position is pretty identical. After all, every infielder is just recovering short flies and throwing runners out. Be ready to be called upon to start or finish a lot of double plays! One strength of playing first is that the position often requires you to stay closer to your base than any other infield position.

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Catching Tips - Stance with Ashley Holcombe of USA Softball

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He has covered professional baseball, football and hockey. In addition, Amato has contributed to sports publications throughout the United States and Japan. He has a Bachelor of Science in journalism from Ohio University. Strong defense is critical in slow pitch softball, and so is making sure the best players are at the toughest positions.

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