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Bangalore property registration charges 2018 calculator how to know if a girl is committed or not Realty queries. Are stamp duty and registration fee applicable on property resale? Sep 01, 2017, 11. My building in Mumbai is about 30 years old. We want to go in for redevelopment. How much FSI we can expect, and what are the required procedures for it? In fact, the government has been banking on Mumbai's real estate boom to fuel growth and development. While the city was exempted from the state-wide hike of one per cent in the stamp duty in October 2017, the municipal corporation of Mumbai in November 2017, has passed a bill to levy 1 per cent surcharge on stamp duty for Mumbai property buyers only. In April 2018, the stamp duty for affordable housing projects under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana has been capped to Rs 1,000. In March 2015, the Maharashtra government decided that stamp duty need not be paid on the transfer of immovable property — land , house or flat — to one's own children or blood relatives. For such transfers, the total stamp duty, including local taxes is Rs 200.


bangalore property registration charges 2019 calculator

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stamp duty and registration charges in karnataka 2018

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Bihar land registry fee, Stamp Duty and MVR calculator

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