The Finnish Director Making the Most-Interesting Movies About Immigration

Aki kaurismaki interview cheap margaritas nyc Tweet In a world where films are increasingly becoming homogenised, Aki Kaurismaki stands out as a true original. He's a self-confessed auteur who sticks to his roots and to his unusual romanticised view of the world. Sure, his big cult hit, Leningrad Cowboys Go America, with its mix of music, humour and razor sharp haircuts, was way over the top, yet it's largely been his more aki kaurismaki interview films that have struck a chord outside his native Finland. His latest movie, Le Havre aki kaurismaki interview, is the first kairismaki a trilogy of harbour-set movies, the 54-year-old filmmaker explains. It's also his first attempt at being overtly political as it deals with illegal immigrants in Europe. The youngster has just avoided the fate of his compatriots, evading arrest. He and Marcel appear to be in a giant global trap in which humans are bought and sold—but they prevail, with a little help from the good folk of Le Havre. These are films full of his inimitable brand of humanism, offset by a predominant sense of humor and a disdain for bureaucracy and establishment con men and speculators. Now, with Le Havre, he takes the plight of the global working class. And why did you make it somewhere else than in Finland?

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It's hard to know for sure how serious the director is being when he makes statements such as this, as everything he says is delivered in the same morose deadpan with the air of a man who is frankly tired of life. And yet, his new film Le Havre is one of his most endearingly optimistic pictures, as it tells the story of a shoe-shiner living in a French harbour town who befriends an African illegal immigrant and helps protect him from the authorities. Once again, the film is marked by the director's distinctive compositions and sly humour, and it strikes a lovely balance between the light and dark shades of his story. How are you today?

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But his art takes care not to treat it like a hot-button issue. The stowaway, a young Syrian named Khaled Ali Sherwan Haji , is not political himself—he neither knows nor especially cares who launched the missile that wiped out most of his family in Aleppo.

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