Yanet García Rompe Fronteras en Twitter en el "National Weather Person Day"

Yanet garcia weather twitter ex gone back to ex Christian Baker Yanet Garcia is perhaps Mexico's most desirable media export since Salma Hayek stormed Hollywood more than 20 years ago. This Televisa Monterrey weather girl went viral almost immediately when, yanet garcia weather twitter just 25-years-old, she started forecasting temperatures in eye-popping mini dresses. Her unique spin, on a rather read article part of the evening news, has earned her millions of fans and social-media followers from around the world. She's yanet garcia weather twitter such a pop culture phenomenon that even her dog has its own Instagram page. But before getting the latest weather report from Garcia, read up on these little-known facts about the famous meteorologist and her private life. With over 6 million followers on Instagram became extremely popular. Mexcian model, Meteorologist, weather forecast who became the star in the recent world because of her looks and curvy figure. She is nicknamed as Weathergirl.

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Garcia worked as a professional model since she was 15, but she became popular as a weather reporter on Las Noticias for Televisa Monterrey. These weather forecasts soon had their own YouTube channel. She also runs her own YouTube channel where she posts vlogs about her life and exercise routines.

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