An older kid's question about bad parents.?

Yahoo answers theonionking how unattractive is acne scars How much Oxycodone is in 30MG Oxycontin? I know that part of the Oxycontin pills contain stuff like Tylenol or Aspirin or something like that. Does yahoo answers theonionking know the exact amount? Undoing health damage? And that was the day I never looked back mirror Jon's Girlfriend The JonTron Show On August 31st, 2010 , Jon created his brand new channel for his brand new show, under the name of JonTronShow, advertising it on his Newgrounds, which did jack-all for his career but left us with some nice juicy evidence of how much of an attention whore Jon truly is, leaving a trail of fail and shit so pathetic and uneventful that nobody cares about it throughout the years. Jon whored himself out everywhere except for Twitter which was too hard for him , proving that he was more clueless in Computer Science III than your sexy teenage sister. His first videos as JonTron were... Previous Video Next Video Before devolving into virtual diarrhea, Jon started as an actual "reviewer," marginally better than Game Dude , but for the most part generic. Eventually he captured a niche audience of sugar-high 13-year-olds and turned into his modern, shameless, "lol, so randum," off-topic , mfw asswipery that was his JonTron persona and his reviewing style.

Next An older kid's question about bad parents.? So, i got a Yahoo Answers account just to ask this question, because it's hard to search for a similar topic online.

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