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Witchcraft on long island r kelly and aaliyah age gap Just outside the center witchcraft on long island here, winding roads are dotted with small churches scattered among sprawling ranches with wind socks flying from front porches and lawns that stretch to meet cherry tree-lined streets. It is here where the annual summer craft fair will take place in the church basement next week, where mass begins at 8 a. It is on Main Street where bars and cafes will soon open their doors to the summer crowd. Since death dates for all of Ffulke's identified children are recorded and none match the 1657 date, it is reasonable to assume there was another child, sex unidentified, that died on GARDINER's Island that year. A source which I did not record stated that Ffulke had a child named Jane, and without further evidence it is possible that Jane was the child that died in 1657. The following is condensed from this reference. In 1664, under the Duke of York and the subsequent Patent from Col. Richard Nicolls, the town formerly called Maid-stone became East. Hampton, probably due to its location to the east of Southampton.

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