Epic says it doesn't use Steam data without permission after Reddit accusations

Steam link review 2018 reddit alone again natura diddily Pictured above is an official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller nestled beside its counterfeit counterpart. Top. Fake Bottom. Genuine Aesthetically, the bootleg controller is a near-perfect match to the original. The factory that produced these clearly had access to or somehow cloned the moulds used by Nintendo. Thanks to the semi-transparent back you can also grab a peek at the internal battery, which bears a steam link review 2018 reddit different wrap to the original. How does the Steam Link work? The Steam client on your PC captures your display and encodes that data into an h. Your game controller connects to the Link, and the Link transmits your controller inputs back to your computer. This adds some latency to your gaming. You can stream from one PC to another as long as they are both on your local network and have the Steam client running, but the Link is inexpensive, does its job quite well, and it is easy to hide behind your TV.

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Steam Link Review

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Steam Controller 3Daptive Joystick Joypad Mod Review + Gameplay Demo

Steam Link on Phones - Does it work?

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