The Stanley No. 55: King of Combination Planes

Stanley no 55 universal combination plane how to get a christian girl to fall in love with you Produced from 1899 until as late plsne 1962, this majestic contraption was touted as "a planing mill within itself," capable of cutting any molding profile imaginable. Stanley no 55 universal combination plane wooden molding planes, which could cut only a single profile and so had to be stockpiled by the trunkful, the 55, a single adjustable body that came with more than four dozen different cutters, could produce an endless variety of molding profiles. It is truly a minor mechanical marvel, and I confess to having a soft spot for it in my heart as well as in my toolbox. Swiss Army Knife of Handplanes. November 25, 2013 The Stanley 55 Plane... More Than A Paperweight If you have just pulled out your Stanley 55 universal hand plane from the depths of the harbor, wipe off the barnacles and find yourself a real boat anchor. There is hope for the good old Stanley 55, and it can be used for its intended purpose as a hand plane to replace a whole tool chest of planes.

Handrail with a Stanley 55

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stanley 55 spokeshave

Restoring a Stanley 45 - [NLH 11]

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