Exploring the vastness of the Realm, a cross-platform mobile database

Realm recyclerview adapter tutorial half your age plus seven rule bible This is because Realm database realm recyclerview adapter tutorial a nagging developer pain point so efficiently revyclerview the core concepts of Realm Database such as object-based data persistence and or expressive, fluent queries are becoming industry standard — kudos to Room and ObjectBox. This tutorial is a practical introduction to Realm Database with Kotlin. One way to learn a new technology such as Realm Database is to jump in head first and start using it to create a project and that is what we will do.

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I'm building a calendar app on Android based on event records from an API. It's time to start caching event records on the device to avoid constant network calls. SQLite or Realm? A few weeks ago, I learned about Realm. If your models were Java objects retrieved through a SQL data layer, you'd typically pass a typed List of results to your adapter, but the results of a Realm query are in a typed RealmResults object.

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Realm Database Data Saving and Fetching

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Android Database #3 - Realm database RecyclerView

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