Women’s Groups Demand NYPD Reopen Greenpoint Date Rape Cases

Nypd dating sites when will christian kane be on swat Read more. Two other officers, including a detective who until five months ago worked in the Internal Affairs Bureau, were stripped of their guns and shields and placed on nypd dating sites duty. The arrested officers — three sergeants, two detectives and two officers — were indicted before they were taken into custody. Area residents and public officials have long complained about brothels operating out of local homes, spas and bars, with new establishments popping up as quickly as the police shut the old ones down. Police officials see the arrests as a nypd dating sites effort to uproot rogue officers within department ranks. Erica Rivera, 27, was fired from the force last August for dating a man with a criminal record after a two-year investigation by the Internal Affairs Bureau that included questioning her about sex partners and secretly trailing her while off-duty. Advertisement "They treated me like a perp and took the job I loved away from me," said Rivera, who has filed a notice with the city controller to sue the city for wrongful termination. In addition to her relationship status, cops also used evidence of her taking her cousin, a convicted felon, to a train station as well as parking too close to a fire hydrant near her grandmother's building as part of their case to fire her.

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NYPD: Woman raped by EHarmony date

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