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Nihr advanced fellowship form arrangement finders delete account Patient and public involvement PPI Person You need to demonstrate that you are passionate nihr advanced fellowship form developing a career as a clinical academic. At PhD level this is demonstrating you are nihr advanced fellowship form to collect the tools together to drive your career forward. As do publications, abstracts, presentations at meetings and involvement in structured research enquiry and audit. When applying to a Post-Doctoral Fellowship, publication and funding such as travel and small project awards become critical currency.

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Biomarkers and modulation of cortical hyperexcitability in ALS I am a clinical research fellow in Neurology with a research interest in the development of imaging biomarkers in motor neurone disease MND. Through an intercalated degree in medical school and ongoing research alongside working as a junior doctor, I developed a skillset and interest in advanced medical imaging techniques. MND is a progressive, fatal condition involving degeneration of the motor system in the brain and spinal cord, causing progressive weakness, speech, swallowing and breathing difficulties.

NIHR Clinical Academic Careers: Deborah Moore's story

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