Review of Modern Love, Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s New Vegan Restaurant in Omaha, NE

Modern love omaha reviews 50 cent executive producer power As much as one would like to reminisce about the former location being a spot to host memories for special anniversaries and get-togethers, their fresh new dining room cannot be beat. Picture the once-cramped dining space, tripled in size, giving each guest more than enough elbow room, along with a new glittering bar, fresh painted murals, and a panoramic view of Turner Park and downtown. Owner and Executive Chef, Isa Chandra Moskowitz, shared that her favorite parts of the new dining atmosphere would be the soaring modern love omaha reviews story ceilings modern love omaha reviews full height windows. One of the most curious questions asked was in regard to having a bigger kitchen. THE VIBE Modern Love , a self-described "swanky vegan comfort food" restaurant that opened a few weeks ago in Williamsburg, announces itself on Union Avenue with a bold, building-sized mural and a cute little sign depicting some sort of turnip creature hanging out over the sidewalk. Both are designed by Ellen Wilde, and both styles give clues to the sort of dining experience that awaits you inside. The main room is large, with high-ceilings, industrial details, and lots of dark wood. The lighting is dim—owner Isa Chandra Moskowitz said she made a conscious decision to go romantic and dramatic rather than bright and photo-friendly—and the mood feels right with the prices, which veer towards special-occasion territory for some of us. It seems to be working. on my two visits last week, three couples at neighboring tables were celebrating anniversaries.

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