5 reasons why I fell for Leon, Nicaragua

Leon nicaragua nightlife royal copenhagen second quality marks Pinterest After nearly two weeks in Leon, leon nicaragua nightlife finally decided to undertake the curious sport of Volcano Boarding more on that tomorrowone of the most popular tourist activities in town,which involves hiking up a volcano and then boarding down. We did this twice in a row in sweltering heat, and we returned to our hotel covered in black lava dust from head to toe, with rocks in every crevice including our teeth. We could hardly wait for a cold shower at the Colibri Hostelbut then the manager explained that the water had been cut, leon nicaragua nightlife no one knew how long it would last.

Select Page Night Life Nicaragua night life offers options for almost everyone. San Juan del Sur, Rivas and Managua among others are bustling with life that there is a spot for everyone. Whether you are looking for world-class clubs and discos, such as those found in Managua or a more rustic festive beach party scene that lines the West coast, there is a watering hole to suite your taste. Some of clubs in Nicaragua rivals those found in popular spring destinations like Cancun. Other spots offer a more relaxed atmosphere perfect for grabbing a cold one and chilling by the sea after a day of fun explorations.

However, it was the spirit, friendliness, and charm of the city and people of Leon that made me so eager to call the country home for several years. More a city of locals and university students than a tourist destination, the allure and youthful energy of Leon is contagious.

Border Crossing Leon Nicaragua - Jim Rogers Around the World

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"IMPACT Clubs in Nicaragua"


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