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Kristen stewart instagram real account history jokes ww2 But are the runways still the best place to source fresh ideas? This summer, at least, Instagram has driven the makeup conversation. With the guidance of Beau Nelson, a makeup artist to Nicole Richie and Kristen Stewart, here is a primer to the Instagram trends of the season.

kristen stewart official instagram profile

On Thursday, seemingly personal photos of Stewart started cropping up on the account — selfies, posed photos with friends, even pictures of hairstyles from the back of her head. It seemed like a pretty cool thing that she'd gotten over her fear of sharing her personal life with her fans, but upon closer look, that's probably not the case at all. Because for anyone who's spent any amount of time checking out her supposed Instagram , it's pretty obvious that it doesn't belong to her. Of course, I could be wrong. I guess there's some chance that this is her and she's chosen a kind of sketchy way to go about it.

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