How to update a marble fireplace most popular european dating app We can enhance appearance and give back life to almost any old marble fireplaces. Over time any fireplace can loose its initial condition and become unacceptable dirty. Remove the stones from the boxes so they can acclimate to the air temperature as well as allow how to update a marble fireplace to see the variety of shades in each box. You do not want the edges of the stones to line up — cut them with a hack saw if necessary to vary where the edges fall.

best paint for marble fireplace surround

IN terms of stately loveliness, an antique or vintage fireplace really has it all. Marble is a metamorphic rock, originally a limestone. It has an open porous crystalline structure. Unsealed, antique marble will draw standing liquids, waxes and oils down into the stone, causing discolouration, rings and rust marks, stimulated by natural pyrite inclusions.


how to renovate a marble fireplace

When the marble becomes discolored, cracked or outdated, however, it can also detract from the rest of the room. There are several ways you can update or redo a marble fireplace, depending on how much money, time and effort you want to put into the project.

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