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Hayden panettiere interview 2018 askreddit long distance relationship HP. We all spend time together after hours, and most hayden panettiere interview 2018 us have made many friends in town outside of the show. It is like sitting around in a circle in someone's living room listening to great stories and music. I also love that this is such a special place for songwriters, where they are truly appreciated for their hayden panettiere interview 2018 and given credit. I also adore funky, super casual spots like the Treehouse intervieww South Street and Santa's Pub where there are no pretenses, and it is all about having a good time.

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During the photo shoot, the 18 year-old star talked to the Teen team about all that's going on in her life like the fact that she's about to add "recording artist" to her impressive resume. Here, is a part of the interview that you'll ONLY find here on teenmag. Teen. Do you find that your Heroes character, Claire, has rubbed off on you at all?

Hayden Panettiere Is 'All Smiles' On Movie Premiere Date Night With New Boyfriend Brian Hickerson

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Nashville - Sam Palladino, Hayden Panettiere and Clare Bowen on their Southern Accents

Hayden Panettiere Interview - Conan on TBS

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