What Is Emily Maynard Doing In 2019? The Former 'Bachelorette' Found Love Outside The Mansion

Emily maynard update best email subject lines 2018 She ushers her boys — Jennings, 3; Gibson, 2; and Emily maynard update, 1 — to the wide front porch of her Montibello home, a stunning stucco with a California-wine-country aesthetic. Scattered around emily maynard update some leftover confetti from a birthday celebration for her husband, Tyler, also maynarc. She pulls a wand out of a gallon-size bottle of bubbles, which provides a distraction for all of two minutes.

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But while reality TV might not have worked out for the then-single mom, what Emily Maynard is doing now in 2018 proves that everything happens for a reason, because she finally found love, settled down, has achieved a ton in her career, and seems happier now than ever before. After her 2011-2012 back-to-back run on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Emily refocused, spending her energies on her daughter and her career — and then love found her. Emily told The Muse, "I wanted to do something more constructive with my time — something that I could work on every day and be proud of in the end.

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Bachelor 15: Brad & Emily Epi. 1

Emily Maynard Johnson On Finding Love & Expecting Again! - The Meredith Vieira Show

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