CACI No. Interpretation—Disputed Term

California contract law ambiguity things to do rockland maine this weekend In a recent 5-4 decision, the U. Facts In the case of Lamps Plus, Inc. Varela, 139 S. Following the data breach, california contract law ambiguity fraudulent federal income tax return was filed in the name of employee Frank Varela. Varela filed an action against Lamps Plus in the Federal District Court in California on behalf of himself and a putative class of employees whose information had also been disclosed, alleging various state and federal claims.

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Introduction. One reason contract wording often seems stilted and redundant is the effort of drafters to avoid any confusion in the mind of the court or arbitrator as to what the parties meant to agree upon. Such confusion may be caused by ambiguous terms or conflicting terms and quite often a court, arbitrator or jury is asked to determine what the parties meant years or even a decade earlier when the parties, themselves, disagree as to their past intentions. Such disagreement by the parties may be based on real confusion or an effort by a party to evade an obligation. The issue of ambiguity in contracts is an ancient one and commonly litigated in the courts.

Contract Defenses: Misunderstanding (Ambiguous Terms)

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