The Seafood Bar at The Breakers Palm Beach

Breakers palm beach bar hiv community preis The intelligent and educated staff somehow anticipate your every want — before you breakers palm beach bar mention it! To say the service is flawless is an understatement. Right on the ocean, with several swimming pools, a golf course, and a spa I had the pleasure of spending the better part of a week at this luxurious place breakers palm beach bar upon entry was instantly transported back in time but with ultra-modern facilities, of course! The Breakers is known not only for having the best service of any resort in the state, but for its timeless architectural design.

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Tihany brings a fresh and elegant aesthetic to the iconic Palm Beach resort's oceanfront restaurant. With views of the water from all angles, the Seafood Bar's bespoke nautical theme and original detailing creates the sense of dining aboard a private luxury yacht. The redesign of the exposition kitchen brings attention to the restaurant's talented chefs and the freshest, seasonal fish and seafood, procured in small quantities to ensure quality and sustainability.

The Breakers Resort, Palm Beach, FL

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Breakers Hotel Palm Beach - Seafood Bar

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