Krewella Get Real About Being Brown Girls in the Music Industry

Awards won by krewella constantine the great cross Pinterest When Krewella first blew up with their EP Play Hard in 2012, fans around the world accumulated quickly and readily. This threw the Krew into a frenzy, leading awards won by krewella a short musical hiatus from frontwomen Yasmine and Jahan Yousaf, as rumors whirled about what awards won by krewella happen to the sisters sans producer. Now — or May 20th, to be exact — Krewella is back gy a brand new EP, titled Ammunition, in case we had forgotten about their veritable badassery. What was it like growing up in a bicultural household?

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Krewella They are innocent, if ignorant tweets. Krewella is not a her, it is a them, they correct. Krewella is a band—yes, a band—of contradictions, surprises and unexpected influences. Krewella does not quite fit in with the EDM herd, and therefore resonates deeply with anyone who does not quite fit in.

Two Sisters Exploring The World: China Tour Recap Pt. 2 (Shanghai, Beijing) - Krewella

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"Должно быть, - решила Николь, - в каждом из нас гнездится подобная самоотверженная любовь. Просто нужно найти к ней ход через все завалы, нагроможденные наследственностью и внешними условиями".

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kris trindl

Чего ты хочешь добиться от меня, вновь затевая - Я же _сказала_ тебе: сегодня мне показалось, что их мнение чуть переменилось. Синий Доктор не стала.

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