Disability Discrimination at School: Children With Health-Care Issues

Accommodate her needs west virginia minor labor laws To ensure the right link equality for all, the Charter of Human Accommodate her needs and Freedoms makes it compulsory to follow-up on a request for reasonable accommodation in cases of discrimination based on accommodate her needs, religion, sex or any other prohibited ground under Section 10 of the Charter. The duty to accommodate therefore is not limited to cases of discrimination based on religion, but applies in all situations of prohibited discrimination. Accommodating a person may involve adapting a practice or a general operating rule or granting an exemption to a person accommodate her needs discrimination and who makes such a request. For example. During pregnancy, an employer allows a woman to work a "day shift" because her medical condition does not allow her to work at night.

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The Vern does not accommodate students with disabilities, students say Media Credit. Skylar Epstein Photographer Junior Luana Kiwakana, who lives in Merriweather Hall, said walking up and down hills on the Vern to catch the Vex each day is painful on her knee caps and hips. Students with disabilities who live on the Vern said the hills and inaccessible residence halls and academic buildings make living on the campus arduous. In interviews, seven students who live on the Vern with a physical disability said the University should add ramps and elevators to buildings on the Vern to ensure they can easily access different campus spaces. She added that her residence hall does not have an elevator so she needs to climb the stairs each time she leaves. Csellar said students with disabilities living on the Vern have access to the same resources as students living on Foggy Bottom.

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This proposal was discussed at length with the companies involved and revised to accommodate a number of their concerns. The Health Department was always willing to accommodate mothers who required additional leave, if necessary. In order to accommodate those elements, the Mission established temporary camps in Rutshuru, Baraka, Fizi, Kanyola, Walungu and Bitale. The cells were also of a reasonable size and offered good conditions given that they were intended to accommodate one detainee overnight. These schools too are now beginning to accommodate girls.

accommodate in a sentence

Она пыталась представить себе, какой станет жизнь на Носителе, где не будут рождаться дети. И тот момент в не столь уж далеком будущем, когда на нем останется лишь несколько человек.

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